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Stark Engineering Consulting have experience and expertise to accurately determine the feasibility of projects. Our practical research and understanding of operating plants helps to accurately determine a projects likely outcomes and risks. 


We are regularly involved with procurement and work closely with suppliers. We are aware of the current value of equipment and its installation & commissioning costs. Our preference is to draw from direct experience to determine more accurate costs and risks to our clients. 

Water Treatment

Our water treatment capability includes the feasibility and preliminary design of water and wastewater treatment plants. Our experience in the delivery, commissioning and operation of these projects is use to undertake accurate analysis of the project lifecycle. Our capability includes both municipal and industrial design, from small scale package plants to large scale municipal plants. We have the capability to model source water characteristics as well as water and wastewater treatment processes & water hammer to determine an accurate picture of working plant upfront.


Stark Stark Engineering Consulting management projects have allowed us to work closely with regulators such as the EPA and Department of Health to ensure our projects meet regulatory requirements. We have particular experience developing water recycling projects and can quickly determine treatment requirements. Water recycling projects require a holistic approach from the water source through treatment and to the end user, which needs to be considered in the feasibility stage of a project. 


Our cogeneration capability includes both sewage treatment and landfill. Services we provide include modelling of heat recovery, gas availability, cogeneration output simulation. Our design, procurement, operation and maintenance works allow accurate costing of the operational requirements of these plants. From our experience with design and commissioning we are able to develop accurate cost and timeline estimates for projects as well as understanding the risks involved. 



We are able to provide accurate feasibility assessments of hydroelectric plants. We have intimate knowledge of the risks associated with this equipment and the requirements for their construction and maintenance. We are also developing our water hammer modelling capability for this equipment.


Ash Handling & Dry Gas Scubbing

Stark Engineering Consulting have particular expertise in ash handling and dry gas scrubbing. This includes large scale and long distance pneumatic conveying systems, lean and dense phase hydraulic systems; air slides, drag chains, vacuum and other collection and short-haul technologies. 

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