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Prospect Mini Hydro Remediation

We're proud to have been selected for a speaker presentation at the OzWater 2016 Conference in Melbourne. Each year, water professionals from around Australia attend the conference organized by the Australian Water Association to learn about the latest technology, network with key stakeholders, suppliers, consumers and competitors and discuss and reflect on opportunities and challenges in the water industry.

Our case study 'Prospect Mini Hydro: Remediation through stakeholder engagement and root cause analysis' was selected as part of the topic on Asset Management - Failure and Lessons Learnt.

Based on the Remediation Project that was completed on the Sydney Water Mini-Hydro at Prospect, the case study takes a closer look at the risks associated with an off-the-shelf mini-hydro and the benefits of engaging an OEM-independent specialist to objectively address known asset failures.

For more detail and facts, we invite you to read the case study here.

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