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Stark Engineering Consulting

At Stark Engineering Consulting, we solve problems. Whether it is a concise recommendation or hands-on field work, our experts can cater for both and have the flexibility to adjust their approach to your needs.

Our services

We firmly believe that hands-on experience makes us better engineers and results in better solutions for our clients. We don't have trade secrets or magic tricks. We simply implement durable solutions and train or clients where desired. Our portfolio of services is built on the expertise of our people, who set high standards through the pride they take in their work.  

Your requirements met


Every project, no matter how big or small, is unique. To offer tailor-made solutions we take our time to listen to what you really need. It’s an essential first step to clarify and define your requirements and to clearly outline the scope of work within your framework of safety, budget, timing and standards.

Intelligent, durable solutions


As consulting engineers, we ultimately act as expert advisors solving your problems. Our advice and our solutions are based on solid analysis of the information at hand, leveraged through our real-world and hands-on experience and technical expertise.


Our advice is to the point and understandable. Our solutions are durable. As they should be, because for you both our advice and solutions can make the difference between success or failure.

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