Hydro Generation

A well specified, well run hydro turbine can provide decades of performance for its owners.  Stark have years of experience designing, rebuilding, installing and commissioning hydro turbines.  Our engineers intimately understand the operation and maintenance performance of hydro turbines which has made us better designers.

Energy Storage and Recovery


Stark are experts at determining the potential energy recovery and benefit a hydro turbine will have for your application. Hydro turbines can be hugely beneficial for long periods of time if specified and operated well. With potentially high capital costs and an ever-changing energy market there is significant risk in developing a new hydro solution. Our people’s experience in the installation and operation of turbines gives Stark an advantage in determining a realistic benefit for our clients.


Energy storage projects utilise the change in energy tariffs and other off grid generation to provide financial benefits and power using hydro turbines. With efficiency losses and complex controls, it is easy for these business cases to change from positive to negative due to a poorly performing unit. We make sure to look at all opportunities for a successful project- from grant funding to selling reactive power when near the extremities of the grid for large units.

Performance Modelling and System Design


We work with European suppliers to engineer the most appropriate and robust solution for each application. We have designed, operated and overhauled a variety of hydro turbine packages and understand the benefits and operating range of each unit. We can couple this with hydraulic and physical modelling to determine a safe operating range for each system.

Stark Engineering has a range of system modelling tools available from the simple for small systems to advanced water hammer and finite element tools.

Some applications have high consequences with poorly planned process changes. We are able to combine hydraulic models with PLC and SCADA programs using different platforms to ensure robust testing of controls changes to your system. See our latest project here. (reference to the section on Industrial Automation and Integration or the video when we complete it).

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Rebuild and Overhaul


We have completed major overhaul and rebuild projects for hydro turbines on behalf of our clients. Stark has partnered with a number of companies to successfully redesign and rebuild a number of hydro turbines.

Through improved material specifications and coatings we have remedied corrosion issues caused by inherent design flaws. We have also redesigned more significant issues such as the redesign of the non-drive end bearing at Prospect. In this project Stark redesigned the bearing arrangement in house, increasing clearance, changing the bearing type and greasing arrangement. The redesigned bearing arrangement has resulted in reliable operation of the non-drive end bearing since 2014 without bearing failures.

See case study here. We have further improved operation and maintenance at the site with the installation of a split casing, to allow for future inspections.

Prospect overhaul project bij Stark Engineering
Prospect overhaul

For more detailed information or a price offer on any of our services contact Stark Engineering Consulting

Risk Management on Large Scale Applications


Stark Engineering understands that major changes to plant and processes can meet significant resistance from stakeholders. Through early engagement and project management Stark has been able to ensure the successful delivery of high-risk projects.


Repeated design workshops and varied risk reviews are conducted to ensure stakeholders have a strong understanding of the project and reassurance that the changes are being considered from every angle.

Operation and Maintenance


Stark Engineering operates 24/7 remote monitoring and breakdown services as part of our operation and maintenance offering. Our dedicated team is composed of mechanical, electrical and industrial automation engineers who can review, diagnose and remedy a variety of situations remotely, before sending personnel to site.

Our team has spent years developing and refining solutions for our clients. We take a holistic, whole of life view of operation and maintenance services to provide value for money. Depending on the asset and clients’ needs we have developed a multifaceted approach to operation and maintenance:

  1. Stark Engineering works with clients to develop effective asset management plans. We look to undertake condition and risk-based maintenance to extend the operating life of equipment while maintaining service.

  2. Our Process Controllers review plant operation regularly. The service we provide is aimed at:

    • Reducing overall operational costs by optimising plant performance and improve plant availability

    • Prioritise plant failure events and develop solutions in line with the value or risk of failure

    • Undertake conditions assessment and operational assessment of each plant to improve prediction of asset replacement and operation and maintenance costs.

  3. We work with stakeholders and our clients’ personnel to improve the understanding and refine the operation of assets.

  4. Our industrial automation team develop automated reporting and BI solutions to regularly keep our clients up to date in the long term.

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