A well specified, well run hydro turbine can provide decades of performance for its owners.  Stark have years of experience designing, rebuilding, installing and commissioning hydro turbines.  Our engineers intimately understand the operation and maintenance performance of hydro turbines which has made us better designers.

Project Management

Stark Engineering Consulting is a 360° project management company.


We go the full circle to deliver projects and services that provide value to our clients. Our unique, multi-discipline range of in-house projects gives our project managers a wide scope and ample experience to tackle any challenge. Our team bring specialist knowledge and niche expertise to projects in many different sectors. Whether it’s large scale roll outs or individual developments, we have the facilities to tailor our services directly to your needs. 

With business environments becoming more and more complex, many companies realise the benefits of using independent project management to achieve success. We think of everything, from design ideas and construction to identifying and minimising potential risks. We are flexible in our approach and constantly deliver on projects with very tight timescales.

We value communication and we want to make sure we inspire our clients, never surprise them. Ensuring a robust risk assessment and project review process with all the stakeholders forces parties to understand the project and talk through their issues. We find the success of a project depends on the perception of the end users and stakeholders, and work meet or manage stakeholder’s high expectations.

Risk Management

Risk Management is a critical part of Project Management. Risk means change to a planned outcome – good or bad. For projects this can mean delay, additional costs, unforeseen benefits and other outcomes that are critically important to maintaining a project schedule and budget.Our personnel are experienced facilitators for risk workshops, with practical engineering and site experience to provide proper guidance and encourage the team to identify risks. 


​We prepare and facilitate a variety of risk management workshops, including:

  • Risk review

  • Safety in design review

  • Hazard & Operability review (HAZOP)

  • Construction Hazard Assessment and Implication Review (CHAIR)

  • Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

It is not enough to conduct a risk review for a project. Our project managers ensure that actions are executed in the project and the risks identified are highlighted to the right project personnel. We take a proactive approach when it comes to identifying and mitigating risk. Our project plans include risk registers and assessments as well as project safety assessments.

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Financial Assessment

Stark Engineering operates both as contractor and owners’ engineers across a wide variety of projects. We understand the difficulties in obtaining or extending funding, and constraints around financial year spend. Projects have a cost estimate life cycle- as costs and risks are realised the accuracy of a project. We manage project finance in terms of:

Risk and potential variance

Budget risk exist for each item in a project. Our personnel use their investigation and experience to determine the potential budget change for each part of a project.


Managing project liability is one way to limit changes to your projects’ time and budget. With multiple contractors we are able to manage the project liability to seek a positive outcome for both client and contractor.

Project duration and completion

A major issue with project overruns is timely completion. The longer a project runs passed its planned deadline, the more expensive it can get. Effective management of project delays and completion tasks can prevent significant overruns late in a projects cycle.

Change management

A project without changes, performed perfectly to a specification is a beautiful thing, both to us as project managers and to our clients. In the real world changes occur and require significant effort to ensure they do not derail a project. For project changes our managers will:

  • re-evaluate risks

  • update budgets and schedules

  • engage with stakeholders

  • ensure project documentation is adequately marked up

  • push back – where changes have marginal value to our client

Early stakeholder engagement and risk assessment are both aimed to ensure the best project outcomes are planned and endorsed up front by the right people. Project changes can happen throughout a project lifecycle, however the later in a project cycle change occurs, the lower the benefit due to the cost of the change, rework and delay.

Project Programming


Delays make headlines. Often project delays are no more than inexperienced and overly optimistic schedulers putting programs together, and ineffective project management to meet the optimistic program.

Our experience with all phases of a project provide insight for a realistic understanding of project programmes. Accurate project programs coupled with regular refocussing and communication provide predictable results for our clients. 

Our project managers regularly meet with the project teams to conduct short term planning, walking step by step through the project plan. This way we ensure the project team is looking ahead and meeting schedule.

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Resource Management


Our experience with multidiscipline teams allows us to manage a range of personnel. Resource management applies to the project team, suppliers, client, and other stakeholders. We effectively engage with a range of people to ensure the ultimate goal of project success remains on track. 

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Hydro Generation

Stark has years of experience designing, rebuilding, installing and commissioning hydro turbines

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Stark has a proud history of works on combined heat and power projects.

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Stark has developed innovative information harvesting tools that run parallel to the standard operational control systems

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Physical Modelling

Stark has extensive in-house expertise in modelling hydrodynamic and heat transfer processes 

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