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Dario Menendez

Koen Windey

Dario Menendez is a mechanical project engineer at Stark Engineering Consulting. He is right at home in a multidisciplinary engineering environment: always looking to apply his expertise and eye for detail where he can be of help and further honing his own expertise where possible - mechanical or otherwise.

As a bachelor in physics as well as engineering, Dario has a passion in thermal engineering and energy analysis and a vision for Australia's future energy supply. That passion and vision has lead him to Stark EC, a guaranteed win-win outcome.

Dario began his career in 2010, carving out the first part of his carreer with a multidisciplinary consultancy where he worked on a broad range of projects of differing sizes; from large infrastructure projects to smaller single-engineer jobs. In that function, he has worked in both project management and project delivery, and has experience in contract and contractor management as well as design and project engineering.

The broad range of industries he has worked in include ports and infrastructure, bulk materials handling, food manufacturing, chemical and process, equipment manufacturing and automotive. Through all of these, he has been involved with various engineering disciplines, including heat transfer, process design, industrial ventilation, machine design, optimization and risk analysis.

Dario's has proven expertise in:​

  • Project Engineering & Design

  • Project Management

  • Project Estimating

  • Heat Transfer analysis

  • Optimization

  • Risk assessments

  • Performance analysis

  • Troubleshooting

  • Commissioning

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