Thermal and Hydrodynamic Modelling

Stark has extensive in-house expertise in modelling hydrodynamic and heat transfer processes – both static and transient – as well as conducting piping network analyses, undertaking process optimisation studies and developing control philosophies.


Using CRTech’s world leading tools, we have supported clients by developing combined thermal and hydraulic models incorporating single and two-phase flow, phase change materials (PCMs), process control and more. Whether it be a discrete component or a complete network, we can support you with your process modelling needs. Some of the processes we can support you with include:

  • Articulated systems

  • Cryogenic design

  • Electronics cooling

  • Heat pipes

  • Integrated design

  • Material flow

  • Mixtures (multi-gas, multi-liquid and gas-liquid)

  • Reacting flows

  • Phase change materials

  • Regenerators and cryocoolers

  • Solar collectors and concentrators

  • Two-phase flow

  • Valve response

  • Vapour compression cycles

  • Turbomachines (pumps, turbines, turbo chargers, compressors, hydro etc.)

  • Water hammer and acoustics

  • Radiation, convection and conduction

The animation below shows a steel tube imbedded in a hot solid material. Cold fluid is introduced through the tube, heating up and changing phase as it flows through the solid, extracting heat from and cooling the solid in the process.

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BioWin Wastewater Treatment Process Modelling


As part of our water treatment offering, Stark has the capability to model biological nutrient removal processes using BioWin software.


Process modelling allows us to optimise biological performance, minimising operating costs such as chemical dosing and energy use.


BioWin models provides the reassurance that treatment processes will perform over a variety of feed water quality and flow rates. 


Coupled with our water treatment and plant design experience, BioWin is an invaluable process design tool.   

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Stark has a proud history of works on combined heat and power projects.

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Stark has developed innovative information harvesting tools that run parallel to the standard operational control systems

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Stark was founded as a water and wastewater treatment company. We have since grown in experience and services.

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Project Management

Stark goes the full circle to to deliver projects and services that provide value to our


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