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C&R Technologies


C&R Technologies® provides a world class suite of tools that can handle all your heat transfer and fluid flow modelling problems. Built on top of its core solving engine, SINDA/FLUINT, CRTech provides tools that can help you build and analyse any system.

The applications for the CRTech software suite are limitless:

  • Articulated systems

  • Cryogenic design

  • Electronics cooling

  • Heat pipes

  • Integrated design

  • Material flow

  • Mixtures (multi-gas, multi-liquid and gas-liquid)

  • Reacting flows

Please visit the C&R Technologies website Applications page for detailed examples.

Thermal Hydraulic Modelling Products & Services

Stark Engineering Consulting offers the C&R Technologies software suite for purchase. You can purchase single or multi-user licenses for any combination of the modules that suits your needs. We also offer:

  • Local support

  • Training

  • Consulting services.


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Material flow (advection) model of an open mesh conveyor under heating lamps developed using SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop, FloCAD and RadCAD.

Manifolded cold plate model developed using SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop and FloCAD.

CRTech Software Suite


The CRTech software suite includes:

SINDA/FLUINT – Heat Transfer and Fluid Modelling Software

SINDA/FLUINT is a comprehensive finite-difference, lumped parameter (circuit or network analogy) tool for heat transfer design and fluid flow analysis of complex systems.

More information.

Thermal Desktop – Complete CAD-based Thermal Engineering Tool Suite

Thermal Desktop enables thermal engineers to create models that range from small components to complete systems using AutoCAD as the GUI.  Thermal Desktop creates the node and conduction network, launches SINDA/FLUINT for the solution, and provides post-processing results.


More information.


RadCAD – Radiation Heat Transfer and Environmental Heating


RadCAD computes radiation exchange factors within the thermal model and with the environment using both solar and infrared spectra. It is a module available for use with Thermal Desktop or even as a standalone product, and it operates in the same CAD environment as the other CRTech modules. 


More information.


FloCAD – Fluid Flow Analysis and Pipe Flow Simulation

FloCAD enables you to develop fully integrated thermohydraulic models for fluid flow and heat transfer. FloCAD models can be free-form (non-geometric or they can be geometry-based by including objects such as pipe centrelines and cross-sections.


More information.


TD Direct - Geometry Preparation and Thermal Finite Element Mesher


TD Direct fills the gap between design geometry and Thermal Desktop. TD Direct operates within ANSYS SpaceClaim Engineerâ, a CAD tool that focuses on preparing geometry for analysis, just as Thermal Desktop operates within Autodesk's AutoCAD.

More information.

Stark is proud to have provided C&R Technologies software, support, training and consulting services to organisations at the cutting edge of Australia’s renewable energy industry.
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For more detailed information on any of these products please contact Stark Engineering Consulting or visit the C&R Technologies website.

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