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Design & Commissioning: 2 Cogeneration Plants

Sydney Water awards a contract to P.E.T. for the construction of two new cogneration engines. The project upgraded the existing cogeneration unit at Cronulla WWTP from 475kW to 835kW and installed an additional 1MW cogeneration unit at North Head WWTP. The project was aligned with Sydney Water’s Energy and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategy to provide cost effective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by on-site generation of renewable energy.


At Stark Engineering Consulting we're proud about our contribution to the completion of the project, including:

  • Detailed process, mechanical and controls design for the biogas conditioning plant upgrade

  • Detailed process, mechanical and controls design for the heat recovery

  • Detailed design of the overall control and integration with the anaerobic digesters

  • Commissioning of the above

  • Contract management for the two GE Jenbacher engine packages, provided by Clarke Energy Australia 

​More information can be found on the website of OzWater 2015, where a public presentation of the project will be provided by Sydney Water.

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