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Stark Engineering - Services - Construction

Construction Engineering
Good design is meaningless until it is accurately translated into constructed plant. We work closely with construction companies to ensure the best outcomes for our client. Our philosophy is that the earlier in a project lifecycle that the design can be perfected, the more economic the project. We engage with construction contractors to ensure our designs can be built.  We appreciate small site changes can lead to large procurement and design costs. 

Design Support
Our engineers have significant construction experience in their chosen discipline. We add value to construction contractor due to our understanding of the construction process and techniques.

Our aim is always to support an efficient and robust construction process. We understand construction staging and the interrelationship between civil, electrical and mechanical construction to provide insight for our construction partners. 


Owners Engineers
As owners engineers we know the value of proactive inspection and monitoring of construction activities. We work with the client and construction contractor to set effective witness and hold points to allow for early detection of any issues. Our aim is for a smooth construction program that sticks as closely to the design as possible. 


Inspection and Testing
We set the standards when it comes to the inspection and testing regime we follow. Our aim is to find any faults or unfinished items and compel issues to be resolved in as efficient manner as possible. Stark Engineering Consulting has been responsible for the testing from both the contractors and clients’ side. We know the finer details of the tests required and are aware when both testing methods and results do not meet standards set. 


Progress Reporting
Our team make a habit of never visiting site without filling in a diary and reporting as necessary. If it’s not on paper, it may as well not have happened. Stark Engineering Consulting's attention to detail and transparent communication leads to less disputes on site. 

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