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David Reynolds


David Reynolds is a Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in design and project engineering, research and product development. He commenced his career designing pressure vessels and heat exchangers before moving into the industrial power generation arena with Alstom Power. Having held a number of positions within the organization including Proposals Engineer, Lead Engineer and Principal Engineer, some of the highlights of his work in the area include the Worsley Multifuel Cogen Project in Western Australia, MOC Cracker Project in Thailand and Alcan Gove Boiler No. 6 in the Northern Territory.


To pursue his passion for power generation and renewable energy, David obtained a PhD in Solar Thermal Energy systems, the results of which made a significant contribution to the development of the Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector collector technology, a patented technology that was subsequently adopted internationally by French nuclear energy giant AREVA. Following this he spent a number of years developing a patented solar thermal technology incorporating energy storage into a central receiver system. Amongst other things, he developed the thermo-hydrodynamic model for the technology, led the testing program and developed strategies for integrating the technology with existing conventional power plants.


David has a wealth of experience across a broad range of areas that complements the skills and experience of the other members of the Stark team. He will primarily be engaged in design and analysis, although he is always keen to contribute in any way he can add value.



  • Pressure equipment design

  • Thermal and hydrodynamic modelling and analysis

  • Solar thermal energy systems

  • Energy storage

  • Process design and modelling



Reynolds, D. J., 2005, “A thermal and hydrodynamic model for a compact linear Fresnel reflector-type solar thermal collector,” PhD Thesis, The University of New South Wales School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Sydney, Australia.


Reynolds, D. J., Jance, M. J., Behnia, M. and Morrison, G. L., 2004, "An experimental and computational study of the heat loss characteristics of a trapezoidal cavity absorber." Solar Energy, 76, 229-234.

Reynolds, D. J., Behnia, M. and Morrison, G. L., 2002, "A hydrodynamic model for a line focus direct steam generation solar collector." Proc. 40th Annual Conference of the ANZSES, Newcastle, Australia


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