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Engineering & Design

Stark Engineering Consulting have performed all aspects of water and power engineering design. Our people have had the experience of trying to make their own designs work in real world situations. This experience leads to better design through a full understanding of the operating plants.

Stark Engineerin - Services - Engineering and Design

Gas Generation, Cogeneration & Trigeneration Design


Stark Engineering Consulting has a specialist team of design engineers for gas cogeneration projects. Our engineers have developed a number of models and simulation tools to accurately predict the operation of these plants. Our models include gas production models, engine simulators, & heat recovery modelling. 


Our operations and maintenance experience allows us to relate the level of impurities such as siloxanes to the effect on operating plant,  enabling the development of the most cost effective gas conditioning & scrubbing. This experience is also invaluable when it comes to access design, particularly for engine overhaul requirements.  


Hydroelectric Design

We offer system design of hydroelectric power plant. Our team are able to model the hydro electric process to prevent water hammer conditions and determine operational output. We have particular experience remediating corrosion and bearing failure issues in operational plants and apply this experience to our designs. We understand how to integrate the operation of hydroelectric plants with the upstream and downstream operations for our clients. 


Power- Ash Handling & Dry Gas Scrubbing

Stark Engineering Consulting has experience with all of the technologies used for ash handling at large Australian Power Stations.  Large scale and long distance pneumatic conveying systems, lean and dense phase hydraulic systems; air slides, drag chains, vacuum and other collection and short-haul technologies. Stark Engineering Consulting personnel have provided expert consulting services in Russia, Bulgaria, Indonesia and across Australia.  Pneumatic handling experience extends to a wide range of products, from alumina powder to breakfast cereals for both lean and dense phase systems.  

Stark Engineering Consulting personnel have also provided consulting services on dry gas scrubbing equipment; in particular, the pot line scrubbers in aluminium smelters and fume scrubbers in green carbon plants.

Water & Wastewater

Our experience with membrane plant design, commissioning, operation and maintenance has lead our team to focus on simple plant design, and reduced commissioning times. We approach treatment plant design with the philosophy that the lower the number of drives, the less complexity, the lower the operation and maintenance cost. Our personnel are experienced in the design of water treatment, waste water package plants, membrane bioreactor plants and tertiary treatment plants.


Our team have experience in the designing and management of stormwater harvesting projects and take a lead role in the health and environmental risk management process. We are able to defined exposure limits and treatment requirements to meet an acceptable pathogen exposure to public health while working within Council's project & operational constraints.   


Our civil personnel have been designing sewer pump stations for the past decade. We provide an intimate knowledge of construction hazards and an awareness of geotechnical issues and cut over management. 

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