Jona Hartigan


Jona is a Systems Engineer at Stark Engineering Consulting. Having completed his undergraduate studies in Mechatronic Engineering at the University of New South Wales he has since focused on SCADA and HMI design across multiple industries from initial scoping through to commissioning and site acceptance testing.

Jona has a strong knowledge of several programming languages and database design which is utilised in industrial control and data acquisition projects. He has been a key part in automating multiple business and administration tasks through the development of custom applications and has developed reporting solutions allowing integration with existing BI software both internally and for clients.

Jona is a part of the Sydney Water Renewable Energy Generation Operation & Management team working across multiple projects and provides engineering support and analysis for all renewable energy assets including Cogeneration Units and Hydro Turbines.

Prior to joining Stark, Jona worked as a Quality Assurance Testing Analyst in the Automotive Industry from which he has built a strong foundation of testing methodologies and quality control.


Jona has a broad understanding of mechanical and electrical concepts from his studies in Mechatronics. His highlights include controller design of speed and positional controllers in Simulink as well as localisation, mapping, path planning and vision systems for autonomous robots.


Jona looks to modernise control and automation solutions through the use of emerging technologies.


  • Python, C/C++, VBA, Matlab Programming

  • SCADA and HMI Design – Inductive Automation (Ignition 8.0 Core Certified)

  • System Integration and programming - PLCs (Allen Bradley, Siemens) and connected protocols (OPC, TCP, UDP, Modbus, CAN Bus, E/IP, Webservices and APIs)

  • Database and network solutions