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Modelling, Plant & Systems Auditing

Stark Engineering - Services - Modelling and Auditing


Stark Engineering Consulting have various and novel experience building models for a number of different process scenarios. Some of the more complex scenarios Stark Engineering Consulting has modelled scenarios for new gas engine feasibility studies, digester heating models & sludge pumping models. 


We use process modelling as a practical tool to determine the feasibility of new solutions. We rigorously check and recheck our models against existing process equipment & simplified calculations to ensure the end result is meaningful.


Our models are checked against real world plant to ensure that the model is meaningful. Our understanding and experience of working plant leads us to check the feasibility of process scenarios prior to any complex process modelling. Plant limitaitons can render modelling meaningless, we understand that useable modeling is more than simply determining how we expect equipment to work.  

Plant & Systems Auditing

Stark Engineering Consulting engage in a wide variety of auditing services. We perform regular auditing functions such as safety and quality audits, as well as more technically focused audit roles. 


Recent experience with process auditing includes condition assessments of operational cogeneration plant. This audit ranged from straightforward visual and operational assessment of corrosion & ware, to equipment testing. Stark Engineering Consulting use data logging software such as Ignition to determine long term trends. Stark Engineering Consulting's methodology for reviewing operating systems leads to a better understanding of the process and as well as a better estimation of process improvements. We ensure that all issues are identified and analysed.  

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