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Operation and Maintenance

Stark Engineering - Services - Operations and Maintenance

Stark Engineering Consulting have a range of experience when it comes to operation and maintenance. We provide technical support for operations teams & work closely with our clients. Our operations and maintenance engineers have years of site commissioning experience to draw from, resulting in practical solutions to real world problems. 


Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Our team are set up to provide performance monitoring and analysis to ensure plant is delivering within its specified tolerances. Our design and commissioning experience are used to quickly determine process issues and develop remediation actions. We are experienced in providing remote monitoring service and can support site personnel remotely, providing low cost solutions for our clients. We understand operations personnel need timely advice to tackle real issues. We ensure that issues are documented with sufficient supporting evidence to link the process issues identified to their likely cause and remediation.  We are able to provide periodic performance reporting and plant assessment to enable cost effective maintenance.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Stark Engineering Consulting are experienced in the long term management of infrastructure. We are able to develop asset lifecycle management plans to integrate a client’s asset management policies and levels of service provided with the maintenance regime, overhauls and renewals.  We are able to design and undertake a condition monitoring regime to ensure necessary remediation works are captured and prioritised, and to develop historical data for plant comparison. 


Technical Operations and Maintenance Support

Our personnel provide technical support working with operations and maintenance to resolve engineering issues. Our services range from equipment installation and integration to decommissioning. Our water treatment engineers have resolved membrane fouling issues and process programming issues. Our personnel have a full understanding of how systems are designed to work and are quickly able to identify process issues. 

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