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Sydney Water REG Portfolio: Operation & Maintenance

Sydney Water awards a contract to P.E.T. for the operation and maintenance services of their renewable energy portfolio: 11 gas engines and 3 hydro-turbines. The contract is for a period of 5 years and includes day-to-day operation, routine and breakdown maintenance and major overhauls and project work.


At Stark Engineering Consulting we're proud about our contribution to securing this contract. The extensive knowledge in our team with regards to the design and operation of these plants, combined with industry best-practice in asset maintenance resulted in a contract-winning offer. Already delivering many design and construction projects for Sydney Water, P.E.T. is now also strategically positioned with Sydney Water in the delivery of maintenance services. Additionally, this contract helps P.E.T. to diversify and enter the growing market of renewable energy.


For the execution of the contract, P.E.T. will set up a new team of expert technicians and admin support. Embedded within the existing company structure, P.E.T. aims to retain existing expertise whilst ensuring an effective organisational structure. As part of this execution strategy, Stark Engineering Consulting will continue to provide P.E.T engineering and management support.


​More information can be found here and here.

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