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John Tyson

John Tyson Stark Engineering Consulting


John Tyson is the Business Manager and oversees the ICT function at Stark Engineering.


As part of the management team John brings a wealth of experience gained in such diverse fields as mining, high-pressure gasification, cement manufacture, software development, corporate ICT management, call centre optimization and car parking. He joined Stark Engineering in 2017 with the remit to blend this experience and build an IoT and Controls department, giving customers the ability to visualise their assets and enhance Stark’s remote maintenance capabilities.


Day-to-day at Stark EC, John is responsible for the smooth functioning of internal IT and all client networks managed as part of maintenance contracts or projects. He acts a point and project manager for the Gosford Council - Water and Sewer directive’s three-year asset protection program. He is the BDM and point of contact for all control and automation clients and manages a team of control and SCADA engineers. He also lends a hand installing, commissioning and backing-up field devices and control systems.

John holds qualifications in Chemical Engineering, Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL and an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management.



John specialises in business problem definition and from this, designing cost effective solutions for the client. John helps clients with more than just the technical details, he can build an internal sales pitch, offers budgeting support, external tendering guidance and project management.

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