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Stark Engineering Consulting is built on practical experience and an understanding of operational plant. We take pride in the quality of our commissioning services. Our engineers have a broad skill set to enable us to work closely with other disciplines such as controls systems integration and construction teams. 


We understand the success of our commissioning projects relies on the smooth operation of plant and the knowledge and confidence of operators from the training we provide. Stark Engineering Consulting set high standards when it comes to handover, both from construction to commissioning, and then commissioning to operations. We work closely with construction and operations team to ensure a robust commissioning process. 


Stark Engineering Consulting offers commissioning expertise for:

  • Water treatment, from small scale package plant to large municipal and commercial plants

  • Wastewater and advanced wastewater treatment, from process seeding to optimisation

  • Generation, cogeneration and trigeneration

  • Materials handling and ash handling

  • Dry fume scrubbing


Commissioning Management
Our lead engineers are adept at running a multidiscipline commissioning team. We have the experience to allow us to integrate works to ensure timelines are met and issues are communicated. Our site diary and reporting practice ensure the team and the client are kept informed and on track for successful commissioning management.


Stark Engineering Consulting appreciate risk management ranges from specific site risks, to stakeholder relationships and end user training. We understand that risk management does not finish with making a plan, but needs to be applied in practice. Our knowledge and experience gives us sufficient authority on site to ensure works are performed safely.


Hands-on Commissioning Works
Our engineers are practically minded and experienced to solve real world commissioning problems. We work with fitters and electrical personnel to resolve technical issues, but also enjoy getting our hands dirty. Our engineers understand they set the standard for safety culture during the commissioning process and work to ensure the process is undertaken in a safe and efficient manner. 


Working in Hazardous Environments- Natural Gas and Chemical Storage & Dosing
Stark Engineering Consulting is well versed in the requirements of gas hazardous area design and commissioning. We understand the risks to personnel and the responsibility required for safe and efficient commissioning. We are experienced enough to know which parts of the process are high risk and prioritise commissioning of protection systems. 


Our experience with a broad range of chemical systems allows us to commission and fault find effectively. We appreciate the standards and guidelines to ensure our systems are safe and compliant. 


Process Analysis & Optimisation
Our personnel are experienced in a range of systems. We combine process, mechanical and electrical knowledge to enable us to quickly determine and understand system faults. Our knowledge of SCADA software capabilities allows us to collect useful data. Stark Engineering Consulting has developed in house process models for a range of plant. We are able to effectively analyse data collected and relate to process configuration and operation.   


Authorising, testing and process validation

Our experience has taught us that the scrutiny and honest appraisal we place on our own commissioning efforts makes our reputation. We appreciate our clients' requirements and strive to meet this in detail. We work to ensure the plant we are working with is ready for validation. We find the faster we can get plant to work in 'hands off' mode, the quicker we will find and resolve any operational issues. Our experience leads to smooth performance testing and reporting periods.


We work closely with operations and maintenance personnel on complex plant such as membrane water treatment and cogeneration plant. We understand the length of time and practical experience necessary to allow an operator to feel competent and knowledgeable enough to run a process. Our training methods can be tough- after providing the necessary process background and ensuring safe operation of the plant, we stand back and let the operators perform process tasks. We understand that a lot of the complex systems we work on can look like a foreign language, and that it's not going to be learnt through lectures or demonstration, but through actual work. Our aim is not to write a certificate and fill out a training log, but end up with competent operators.

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