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Industrial Controls

Stark Engineering - Services - Industrial Controls

Industrial automation and control systems have changed the way the industry works: from the first automated production processes in the 17th and 18th century, to the first digital controllers in the 1960’s to the widespread use of PLC, DCS and SCADA systems used in practically every branch of industry.


Today, electronic components have never been cheaper, and combined with effective IT technology and data processing, industrial controls and automation are moving into a new era of real-time information and web-services. It’s about real-time business, securely monitoring and operating your processes anywhere and everywhere.


At the operations level, the primary benefits of real-time capabilities are improved customer service, reduced inventory, risk reduction and lower processing costs.

At the executive level, the clear benefits are faster exploitation of emerging opportunities, less damage when things go wrong and increased agility when dealing with change.


At Stark we focus on this real-time component of industrial automation. By building on existing control infrastructure, we help our customers in developing solutions for remote monitoring, automated alarm notifications, periodic process reporting and process visualisation.

We are a registered integrator for Ignition from Inductive Automation, an extremely scalable and affordable SCADA solution. Additionally we have experience with Allen Bradley and Schneider hardware, proprietary systems like GE Jenbacher controls and Caterpillar’s MWM TEM systems.

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