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Remote pressure monitoring

Obtaining real-time data from remote locations can be an expensive and complicated task. Stark was asked to install 3 temporary pressure sensors on a major water pipeline providing drinking water to Sydney. For a duration of 2 months, the sensors would monitor pressure transients at critical locations on the pipeline while we were commissioning a mini-hydro at pipeline outlet.

With the help of the team at Pervasive Telemetry we engineered a solution that implemented a reliable solution within 2 weeks from order. The use of a solar-powered RTU with 3G connectivity and cloud-based data platform ensured flexibility and low-cost. The reliability and quality of the data and automated reporting ensured that our client requested us to leave the sensors in place for continued monitoring long after our hydro commissioning was completed. Now, 14 months onwards, the 3 sensors are continuing to provide valuable data without any intervention or maintenance.

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